MKA Logistics (Logistics)


System Complexity

New users struggled with navigating the intricate system effectively.

Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

Regular updates incurred long-term operational expenses.

Integration Complexity

Integrating with external systems demanded additional technical efforts.

Customization Challenges

Adapting the system to fit MKA's needs required extensive modifications.

Stress on System

A high workload could potentially impact system performance.


Simplified Interface

User-friendly design reduced complexity.

Efficiency Measures

Streamlined maintenance minimized costs.

Technical Expertise

Smooth integration with external systems.

Tailored Solutions

Customized to meet MKA's needs.

Performance Optimization

Enhanced system resilience.


Improved Experience

Smoother navigation for users.

Cost Savings

Reduced long-term operational expenses.

Efficient Integration

Seamless workflow enhancement.

Tailored Functionality

System tailored to MKA's needs.

Enhanced Performance

Consistent operation under high workload.